Potential shipping problems

When the order's status is done, you can find its tracking information on the order page. You will have a tracking number, and a link redirecting to the carrier's website to check the live status of the package.


What to do in case of shipping issues ?

- There is no information on the tracking

It may take about 48 working hours after dispatch for the tracking information to be updated on the carrier's website

- Customer only received a part of the order

Our printers sometimes send several products of the same order in separate packages due to their formats or production time frames. If this is the case, you can see different tracking numbers for the same order. Usually the remaining package will be delivered after a few days.

- The tracking shows that the order is delivered, but customer says they didn't receive it

Please kindly ask the customer to verify if the package was delivered to an unexpected location. He/she should also ask the guard/reception or the neighbours if someone has picked up the package. It's also a good idea to check with the nearest post office. We do not cover the cost of reshipping or refunding the order if the tracking confirms that it has been shipped.

An exception for the carrier Colis Privé in France, we are able to open a dispute to investigate if your customer has indeed received the package. For other carriers, we suggest to pass a new order for your customers.

- The package cannot be delivered due to incorrect/incomplete address

The orders are shipped to the address that you submit to our system. We do not take any responsibilities for incorrect/incomplete address. If your customer still wants the product, we suggest to pass a new order with the correct address

- The package has been returned to sender

Usually the postal service will return the package if the recipient is not found, the address is incorrect or because the package was not collected at the pickup point. We do not handle returns for Teezily Plus. Please place a new order if you want to reship the product to your customer

- The package is lost in the post

We usually consider an order as lost if it is not delivered after 15 days in transit. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service about this issue. We will offer a free reprint and reship the order to your customer

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