Where does Teezily Plus ship to?

All our products are printed and shipped from our fulfilment centers in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia. Here is the list of countries that we are shipping to: 


AX Åland, Islands
AL Albania
DE Germany
AD Andorra
AM Armenia
AU Australia
AT Austria
BE Belgium
Bosnia and Herzegovina
BG Bulgaria
CA Canada
CY Cyprus
HR Croatia
DK Denmark
ES Spain
EE Estonia
United States of America
FI Finland
FR France
GE Georgia
GI Gibraltar
GR Greece
GL Greenland
GP Guadeloupe
GG Guernsey
GF French Guiana
HU Hungary
IM Isle of Man
IE Ireland
IS Iceland
IT Italy
I Jersey
LV Latvia
LI Liechtenstein
LT Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
MK Macedonia
MT Malta
MQ Martinique
YT Mayotte
Moldova, Republic of
MC Monaco
ME Montenegro
NO Norway
NC New Caledonia
NZ New Zealand
NL Netherlands
PL Poland
French Polynesia
PT Portugal
RE La Réunion
RO Romania
United Kingdom of Great Britain
Russian Federation
SM San Marino
VA Holy See
RS Serbia
SK Slovakia
SI Slovenia
SE Sweden
CH Switzerland
CZ Czech Republic
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